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Anti Ligature Mounting Base for AXIS Detections

The Anti Ligature Base is specifically designed for areas where the detector is required to separate from its mounting and cabling when weight is applied. Once separated the remaining adapter on the ceiling conceals all cabling and there is nothing remaining for anything to be attached to.

The adapter mechanism comprises 2 parts. Part A is used to terminate the loop wiring and is then fixed into a standard electrical termination box through the ceiling using 2 flat head screws. M4 x 0.7P countersunk mounting screws are to be of sufficient length so they finish flush with the PCB. Security screws are recommended. This pulls part A flush to the ceiling sandwiching the ceiling material i.e. Gyproc between the electrical box in the ceiling space. Part B is fixed into the terminals of the standard AXIS-MB detector base.

Once parts A and B are fitted the electrical connections are made via a non-locking slide in connector. When the 2 parts are pushed together the electrical connection is made. The detector and base with part B are held in place with part A via 2 powerful magnets. Parts A and B will separate once a downward weight of 2KG is applied to the detector.

Key Features

  • 2KG separation of the detector from Anti Ligature adapter.
  • If removed the device is easy to reinstall and can only be installed in 1 direction.
  • Part A is flush with the ceiling.
  • Very discreet and almost invisible. The device looks like a standard device once installed and only adding 3mm to the overall depth of the device.
  • Easy electrical connections using a standard electrical termination box
  • All AXIS detectors can be used as the base is a standard AXIS mounting base