AU 5000M-EX Addressable Gas Panel

The AU 5000M-EX is an addressable gas panel, expandable to suit a high number of separate risks. The addressable wiring configuration reduces the installation costs and improves the system intelligence, allowing single-point interrogation.

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The Fusion AU 5000-EX Special Hazard CIE is available in stand–alone and networked variants, which are compact and discreet. These panels can cover from 1 to 4 extinguishant areas.

The ‘Mini’ variant can be configured from 1-2 loops and incorporates expandable monitored sounder circuit outputs to satisfy AS1670.1 BOWS Requirements. It also allows for easy network Integration as part of a distributed system.

The SHCIE complies with the requirements of AS1670.5 and provides individual control facilities for up to 4 extinguishing areas.

The AU-5000M-EX panels utilise fully digital and soft addressing technology for all loop devices, and installer friendly auto-learn and loop detection Facilities for trouble-free and quick commissioning.

Full on-site programmability is available via the on-board alphanumeric keypad or PC configuration PC-Net tools. The systems are fully configurable by sectors and zones and multiple device dependency for alarms and activation of each system.

Local Control Stations providing Auto/Manual, Hold and Manual Release can also be connected and powered from the detection loop via The FMIC-404-LCS.

Alarm devices can be directly connected to the loop and configured to operate sounders and visual warning as required. Visual warning devices can also be connected directly to panel. When connected to the fault tolerant Ad-NeT network, the panel operates as a true peer- to-peer interface (with up to 200 CIE’s/nodes and 1,000 shared zones) with full cross panel reporting, control as well as complex cause and effect functionality.

Each SHCIE incorporates unique False Alarm Management and Service Tool software for improved servicing and application specific device set-up.


  • JAS-ANZ 3rd party quality scheme certified by CertMark International • Approved to AS4428.3 AS7420.2, AS7240.4 & AS7240.13
  • AS1670.1 & AS1670.5 compliant
  • Fully expandable from 1 loop to 100 loops
  • Zone capacity of 1,000 and Impressive 240 + digital devices per loop
  • Output response times less than 3 seconds across the network
  • Simple to use LCD menu driven graphical interface with 240 x 64 backlit LCD • Advanced ‘Ad-Net’ redundant networking up to 200 nodes
  • Windows ‘PC-Net’ computer software
  • Multiple colour graphics capable
  • BMS HLI capable with BacNET and Modbus protocols


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