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Axis AU – Wireless Wall VAD

The AXIS Wall mount VAD has a unique lens design that distributes the light in a cylindrical shape, to achieve the required illumination specified by AS7240.23. Designed for installation at a height of up to 3m and with a discrete appearance, the device is ideal for a variety of applications. Certified to AS7240.23 the device meets the required illumination of 0.4lux/m2 over the entire area

Key Features

  • Conforms with AS7240.23 (meets the required illumination 0.4lux/m2 over entire room area)
  • LED technology for long service life and low current consumption, maximising the number of devices on your alarm circuit
  • Unique optics for light management, with lens design that optimises light dispersal, minimising power wastage
  • Up to 7.5m coverage volume which reduces the number of devices required to cover an area
  • Coverage switch feature – For smaller areas switch down from 7.5m to 5m, reducing power consumption by up to 50%
  • Wide input voltage range leads to flexibility in system design
  • Flash rate switch feature – Reduce from 1Hz to 0.5Hz setting, reducing power consumption by up to 50%
  • Soft start-up means no current peak at startup, thus reducing circuit loading
  • New connection layout creates easier wiring and connection on installation
  • Locking Bases to prevent easy removal of the device