BACnet Interface – MXP-642

The Commander is a powerful IP-based solution for customers requiring protocol translation between their Axis AU Control Equipment and a Building Management System (BMS).

The device can be used as a simple bridge between manufacturers’ components, providing seamless integration and delivering guaranteed performance.

The conversion protocols supported by the Commander are those generally found in use by the most common Building Management Systems on the market today and are currently ‘BACNet’ or ‘Modbus’.

The Commander supports up to 640 Objects/Tags of information, which can be configured and passed between network components and delivered to the Building Managements Systems (BMS) using TCP/IP technology.

The Advanced Commander has powerful Windows-based software management suite built-in to provide engineers with the ability to write ‘Cause & Effect’ strategy, check data logging, calendar, and timer functions.

TCP/IP connectivity permits the Advanced Commander to be located locally to the distributed network of Fire Control Panels, but at the same time caters for remote programming and Building Management System (BMS) access.

Key Features

  • BacNet/Modbus Protocol Integration
  • 640 Configurable Object/Tags
  • Windows-based Programming
  • Powerful IP Controller
  • Configurable on a Zone/Point basis per Object for Fire, Fault, Alarm & Isolation
  • Engineer configurable over TCP/IP
  • Supports a single Ad-Net network
  • Small & Compact
  • Low Voltage 12 Vdc – 24v Vdc
  • Configurable using specialised Cause & Effect
  • Adjustable activation delays per head


The Commander is compatible with all Axis AU control equipment, but requires the MXP-510 (BMS/Graphical Interface) to be installed on the Ad-Net network for connectivity to the Commander.