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Advanced Electronics – Control Panel Pager Interface LifeLine

Modern fire systems can be spread over huge areas, covering densely populated buildings and valuable assets, such as server rooms with expensive extinguishant release systems in place. By reacting quickly, fire system managers can save time and money, reduce false alarms and cancel or facilitate evacuation.

Once connected to an Advanced fire panel, detailed information about the alarm can be communicated almost instantly via the ESPA protocol to paging systems such as the Advanced LifeLine panel and then on to personal pagers. This information includes alarms, pre-alarms or

The MxPro Pager Interface is a programmable interface providing connectivity of the LifeLine Paging systems to the MxPro and Axis EN control equipment. It utilises the industry-standard protocol ESPA 4.4.4, and connects to the equipment via a serial data connection.

The MxPro Pager Interface tool allows messages received from the fire panel to be actively edited to a predetermined set of rules so that the messages received at the pager clearly communicate only the desired information.

An optional input function is available to monitor pager fault conditions. In the event of a loss of communication between the ESPA card and the paging panel, a fault is signaled to the controlling fire panel. The Pager Interface card can be supplied loose for installation within the MxPro fire panel, or alternatively, it can be supplied with its own box.

LifeLine systems operate using UHF technology. UHF has increased propagation and penetration of buildings to enable full building coverage. This proves particularly beneficial where the large size and construction of premises is a factor. Another advantage is that there is less chance of interference because of more available frequencies. Interference can be caused by spurious outputs from radio frequency equipment operation but is much less of a problem at UHF frequencies.

LifeLine offers the full system needed for detailed fire paging. It provides a range of pagers to meet the needs for pro-active on-site monitoring, without the dependency on third party networks for SMS texts or emails.

LifeLine is also the perfect solution for alerting the deaf and hearing-impaired to a fire alarm, providing a simple route to DDA compliance. It helps those responsible for commercial and office buildings, guest houses, care and residential accommodation to meet the needs of the Equality Act.

The range of products includes vibrating pagers and vibrating pillow alerting devices. In order to prevent radio paging systems in the UK causing interference, systems must operate on an approved radio frequency issued by Ofcom. Ofcom licencing must be maintained at all times to comply with the given communication regulations.