FMIC-404-LCS Addressable Local Control Station (for Gas Suppression Systems)

The FMIC-404-LCS provides an addressable local control station for gas suppression systems. This item sits on the addressable loop along with detectors, modules and sounders for ease of connection.

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The Fusion Local Control Station for gas suppression systems is used to provide local Auto/Manual, Hold/Re-Start and Manual Gas Release controls local to the entrance or exit of a protected area where applicable.

The device connects directly to the addressable loop and incorporates an FMIC- 404 input/output module with bi-directional short circuit isolators.

Key Features:

  • Auto Manual 2 position switch with Manual indication
  • Hold/Restart 2 position switch of actuation timer
  • Dual stage manual release button
  • Abort button and local sounder options are also available
  • Short circuit isolators in each device
  • Connects directly to the addressable detection loop
  • AS ISO 7240.18: Fire alarm devices – Input / Output modules
  • AS ISO 7240.17: Fire alarm devices – Short Circuit Isolators
  • AS 7240.13 Compatibility


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