FW MB – Mounting Base for Digital Detectors

This standard detector low profile mounting base has been designed for use with any of the Fusion digital detector range.

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The base’s layout allows plenty of space for cable access and has multiple mounting-hole positions for use with a variety of back boxes. The unit has terminations for loop wiring, remote indicator connection and termination of shield cabling. When no device is fitted into the base, an automatic spring connection maintains loop continuity ready for loop cable testing. Once the device is refitted the spring is displaced, allowing the loop isolators to operate.

Key Features

  • In-built line continuity clip
  • High reliability
  • Device locking capability
  • Easy central cable entry
  • Integral device identification tab
  • Remote indicator connections
  • Weatherproof silicon base option


  • FW MB – Mounting Base for Digital Detectors

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