FWCBE1002 Conventional VAD

The FWCBE1002 conventional beacon is a high-intensity Visual Alarm Device (VAD).



The unit is ideal for providing a warning signal in areas where sounders are not practical such as noisy environments or where sounders are not appropriate. Fitting the device is by use of a standard FWMB detector base* mounted on the ceiling where it has been third-party approved to the requirements of AS ISO 7240.23 to a rating of C-3-7.5.
* Note: FWMB Base supplied separately.

Key features:

  • Low power high output LED technology
  • Coverage radius of 7.5m when installed at a ceiling height of 3m
  • Flash rate of 0.5Hz (1 every 2 seconds)
  • Anti-tamper lock to prevent unauthorized removal
  • CertMark Approved to AS ISO 7240-23
  • Easy central cable entry
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Utilises a standard detector base (FWMB)
  • High intensity white coloured LED


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