FWCWS Sounder & CWSV Sounder & VAD

The FWCWS Sounder and FWCWSV Sounder & VAD can be used as a conventional or Digital Distributed Intelligence wall sounder/VAD.



When used in conjunction with a FWSM or FRWSM wireless module the device becomes fully addressable and loop driven. Up to 32 different ones can be selected and 2 different tones can be programmed to operate according the cause and effect required from any input. There are also 2 choices of colour, red or white and devices with or without an in-built VAD are available. The VAD is a white flash. The device benefits from an extensive range of functionality, including VAD and sounder synchronisation. The devices are specifically designed for Fusion AU-5000 control panels.

Key Features

  • Up to 32 tones can be selected
  • When addressable a primary and secondary tone can be selected to operate by logic from the CIE
  • Utilises the Fusion Digital Distributed Intelligence protocol with high noise rejection
  • Compatible with Fusion Wireless range of products when using FRWSM module
  • When addressable bi-directional short circuit isolators for ease of design and fault finding
  • Synchronised sounder and VAD
  • Adjustable volume output from the Axis CIE
  • Can be used a cost-effective conventional device
  • Easy central cable entry
  • IP65 rated for external use
  • High power output of 100 dB (A) @ 1 Mtr


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