FWHTX Digital Heat Detector

The FWHTX is a Digital Distributed Intelligence Heat Detector that also incorporates bi-directional short circuit isolators and a magnet test facility. It is a point detection device that continuously samples for temperature variation in the protected area to provide the earliest warning of a fire condition in areas where traditional smoke detection products are not suitable.

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The device can be used as a Rate of Rise or Fixed Temperature detector. This detector is characterised by an aesthetically pleasing low profile and is specifically designed for Fusion AU AU-5000 control panels.

Key Features:

  • Two thermal sensitivity levels: Rate of Rise (A1R) and Fixed Temperature Class B
  • Utilises the Fusion Digital Distributed Intelligence protocol with high noise rejection
  • Dual bi bi-colour LEDs providing 360′ cone of visibility
  • Bi-directional short circuit isolators for ease of design and fault finding
  • Magnet test facility
  • Open style mounting base offers easy wiring and low pressure locking
  • Addressing using the Device Programming Tool or Auto addressing capability via the fire control panel
  • AS7240.5 Heat Detectors , AS I SO 724 0.17 & AS 7240.13.
  • Black internal disk to distinguish the device from a multicriteria detector


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