FWOPX Digital Smoke Detector

The FWOPX is a Digital Distributed Intelligence Smoke Detector that also incorporates bi-directional short circuit isolators and a magnet test facility. It is a point detection device that continuously monitors the air for smoke particles in the protected area to provide the earliest warning of a fire condition.

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Sophisticated algorithms are incorporated within the device to reduce unwanted alarms and enable it to adjust its sensitivity due to contamination. This is often referred to ‘Drift Compensation’. When the device reaches 80% of its adjustment it will send a maintenance alarm to the CIE indicating that the device will need cleaning. The enhanced design of the smoke inlet and optical chamber guarantees a very high resistance to the entry of dust, ensuring a higher level of false alarm rejection without compromising sensing performance. This detector is characterised by an aesthetically pleasing low profile and is specifically designed for Fusion AU AU-5000 control panels.

Key Features:

  • Multiple fully approved sensitivity settings
  • Utilises the Fusion Digital Distributed Intelligence protocol with high noise rejection
  • Dust Restrict Chamber (DRC) technology offering advanced immunity to airborne contaminants
  • Dual bi-colour LEDs providing 360 cone of visibility
  • Bi-directional short circuit isolators for ease of design and fault finding
  • Magnet test facility
  • Open style mounting base offers easy wiring and low-pressure locking
  • Addressing using the Device Programming Tool or auto-addressing capability via the fire control panel
  • AS7240.7 Smoke Detectors
  • AS7240.17 Short Circuit Isolators
  • AS7240.13 Compatibility


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