FWPU Device Programming Unit

This product permits the user to set and read various parameters stored in any of the Fusion digital devices.

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Connection to the devices is made through the adaptor base of the programming unit for the detectors or through one of the two plug-in cables (supplied with the product) for all other devices. The user can interact with the programming unit by using its in-built keypad and display; through this interface the user navigates through a menu-based set of options and commands, permitting them to program certain parameters on the devices or to read data from them.

Key Features:

  • Read and set an address on a device
  • Change a temperature sensor from Rate Of Rise to High Temperature or vice versa
  • Read the firmware version of a device and other data
  • Activate or deactivate input or output channels on a multi-module device
  • Programming a conventional zone module
  • Program the operating mode on a 32 tones sounder base or its audio-visual variant


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