FWSV2MB Sub Address (Slave) Sounder Bases & VAD’s

The FWSV2MB’s are Digital Distributed Intelligence combined VAD and sounder bases that are addressed from the host detector’s sub address.



Up to 32 different tones can be selected and 2 different tones can be programmed to operate according the cause and effect required from any input. There are also 2 choices of VAD flash colour, red or white. They are a low-profile device that benefits from an extensive range of functionality, including VAD and sounder synchronisation. The integral detector base has easy access for loop cabling and allows for the connection of both the sounder and associated detector via a single set of cable terminations. These devices are characterised by an aesthetically leasing low profile and are specifically designed for Fusion AU-5000 control panels.

Key Features

  • Up to 32 tones can be selected
  • A primary and secondary tone can be selected to operate by logic from the CIE
  • Utilises Fusion AU Digital Distributed Intelligence protocol with high noise rejection
  • Bi-directional short circuit isolators for ease of design and fault finding
  • Synchronised sounder and VAD
  • Adjustable volume output from the Axis CIE
  • Utilises the sub-address of the host detector allowing more devices per loop
  • Compatible with all Axis detectors
  • Includes device identification tab
  • Easy central cable entry
  • Open style mounting base offers easy wiring and low-pressure locking


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