Input Monitor Card 10 Way – MXP-537

The MXP-537 Peripheral Input Card, on-board I/O module, is an internal peripheral for use with the Axis AU range of fire alarm control panels.

Each card provides monitoring of up to 10, volt free, switch inputs that can be individually configured to operate in monitored or unmonitored mode. Cards are protocol independent.

Up to 16 cards may be connected to a panel, allowing for up to 160 extra volt free inputs per panel. Each unit is easily configured with the PC Configuration Tool.

Key Features

  • Individually configurable inputs
  • Monitored/unmonitored operation mode
  • M.A.R.T. power management


  • 10 x volt-free inputs
  • Power supply must be local to the card
  • Earth monitoring circuit must be disabled if operating on the same ground plane as the fire panel


Can be used with all Axis AU series control panels.

Standards and approvals

BS EN-54-18 and BS EN54-13.