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Advanced Electronics – Integrated Fan and Damper Control – DynamixSmoke

Fusion Advanced’s Axis fire system features ‘Dynamix Smoke Control’ with both dedicated and non-dedicated fan and damper control for fire and life safety.

As you’d expect it’s a high-performance solution that is easy to configure and maintain, even on the most complicated sites with Integrated Fan and Damper Control.


  • The Axis AU FFCP Supports up to 2,000 AS1668 Fan or Damper Controls that can be distributed across the system ‘True Peer To Peer’ network
  • The system can accommodate self-test routines at predetermined time intervals with full test reporting
  • Testing of any fan or Damper be performed from any CIE on the network
  • Compact, Attractive Appearance with
  • Freely Programmable ON/OFF/AUTO Control
  • Accommodates Six (6) Fans and/or Dampers per board
  • Programmable Master Control Area
  • Communicates via internal
  • (RS 485 Network Simple DIP Switch Addressing, Supervised External
  • Trouble Input, Configurable On Board
  • Piezo (Buzzer ) Multi-Module Daisy Chaining
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