Integrated Fan and Damper Control

Fusion Fire’s Axis AU fire system features ‘Dynamix Smoke Control’ with both dedicated and non dedicated fan and damper control for fire and life safety.

As you’d expect it’s a high performance solution that is easy to configure and maintain, even on the most complicated sites with Integrated Fan and Damper Control.

Key Features

  • The Axis AU FFCP Supports up to 2,000 AS1668 Fan or Damper Controls that can be distributed across the system ‘True Peer To Peer’ network
  • The system can accommodate self test routines at pre determined time intervals with full test reporting
  • Testing of any fan or Damper be performed from any CIE on the network
  • Compact, Attractive Appearance with Freely Programmable ON/OFF/AUTO Control
  • Accommodates Six (6) Fans and/or Dampers per board
  • Programmable Master Control Area
  • Communicates via internal RS 485 Network, Simple DIP Switch Addressing, Supervised External Trouble Input, Configurable on Board Piezo Buzzer, Multi Module Daisy Chaining


AS1668 Smoke & Damper Control

  • Regulatory Compliance Assured
  • Automatic and manual smoke control options in accordance with AS1668 and Building Code of Australia Standards
  • Dedicated smoke control auto/manual controls and LED status indicators
  • Multiple customized FFCP firefighter smoke control (graphic) stations can be located locally or remotely
  • Ground breaking ease-of-use
  • Simple ‘spreadsheet-style’ programming matrix is a step change that makes even the most complex smoke control programming easy
  • The System can be divided into virtual smoke control compartments in software for automatic fan and damper control
  • All options configurable from one dedicated menu with the Config Tool
  • Interlocking feature to prevent over pressurization of ducts
  • Post fire purge options with configurable priorities
  • Auto stairwell pressurization option
  • Key switch enable/disable option
  • Manual controls can be configured for one-to-one operation, or grouped one-to- multiple fans or dampers
  • Duct probe option – will override auto settings if smoke detected
  • The system can respond only to the first smoke compartment in alarm or priorities can be set so that devices respond dynamically to a spreading fire
  • Uses standard I/O modules for fan and damper interfacing. Software auto-configures outputs for Run/Stop and Open/Close, with feedback inputs as required
  • Dedicated smoke control reset function
  • All Manual controls take priority over Automatic mode
  • Adjustable feedback delay ensures fans are given time to run or a damper is allowed time to travel before any trouble conditions reported
  • Fully programable sequential fan restart to avoid power spikes
  • Automatic testing of fans and dampers including scheduled ‘holiday’ dates
  • Engineering Test Menu allows HVAC to be controlled using panel menu and provides current operation and status feedback
  • Customizable intelligent graphic annunciators with simple connection and configuration via the CIE