ipGateway – MXP-554

The ipGateway connects to an existing Ad-Net fire panel network, and any remote location over the internet.

By gathering real time information from the fire network, it gives a visual indication of the state of the fire panel network through a standard web browser.

The state of each device on the network is displayed in a clear and concise manner. Interaction with the fire network is also available, providing the functionality to enable/disable zones, enable/disable devices, reset, mute, and silence/resound sounders on the network.

The ipGateway can also be configured to react to events on the network by sending emails to configured recipients.

Key Features

  • Remote access to Ad-Net fire network using a standard web browser
  • Password protected
  • Multiple user permissions
  • Event notification via email
  • Configurable over the internet
  • No proprietary software required


Provides remote access to devices on an Ad-Net/Ad-Net+ Network. Configurable event email notification.


The ipGateway can be connected to any Ad-Net/Ad-Net+ network system and Local Area Network. This interface can be configured using Axis AU configuration software v6 onwards, and panel software version 50.07 onwards.