Mini Input & Output Modules

The Fusion ‘Mini’ range of input and output modules are Digital Distributed Intelligence devices that also incorporate bi-directional short circuit isolators.

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Each module allows monitoring of fire alarm and auxiliary devices. Options include both input and output variants for control of auxiliary devices such as fire shutters. The input channel is monitored and will detect Normal / Short / Alarm and Open conditions. The output channel is a normally de-energised relay switched on by a command from the control panel. Connections are made using plug-in terminal blocks which will accept conductors up to 2.5 mm2. The unit can be mounted within an electrical box or enclosure. Bi -colour LEDs provide local indication of device status.

Key Features

  • Short circuit isolators in each device
  • Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop
  • Auto addressing capability (by the control panel) or manually using a hand held programmer.
  • Digital checking of double address
  • Line quality information
  • Bicolour (red/green) LED driven by the control panel
  • AS ISO 7240.18: Fire alarm devices – Input / Output modules
  • AS ISO 7240.17: Fire alarm devices – Short Circuit Isolators
  • AS 7240.13 Compatibility


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