SGRBS100 Wireles Sounder Base

The wireless sounder base is a device that activates its output when ordered so by the control panel in the event of fire alarms.

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The activation command is sent from the control panel to the base sounder through the wire to wireless translator interface module and other possible wireless expander modules. Communication between the sounder base and the translator/expanders is obtained through the ‘Sagittarius’ wireless, analogue-intelligent bidirectional protocol. The Wireless sounder base is designed to act as a supporting mechanism for the installation of Sagittarius wireless detectors. The wireless communications operates on the Australian recommended frequency of 434MHz and conforms to AS4428.9 and AS7240.3.

Key Features

  • Up to 32 selectable tones including Australian Standards requirements
  • Bi-directional communication protocol between all wireless devices
  • Rapid, cost effective installation with minimal disturbance
  • Fully Intelligent devices
  • Up to 16 wireless annunciator devices allowed with each translator
  • Fully Monitored Primary and Secondary Power Source


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