SGWE100 Sagittarius Wireless Expander

The Fusion Wireless Expander is an externally powered stand-alone module that is linked to a VW2 W100 translator module or to another SGWE100 expander module.

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The Expander module has been approved to meet the requirements of AS4428.9 and AS7240.18 The SGWE100 provides the ability to communicate with wireless devices over greater distances and in difficult radio environments. Communication between all SGWE100 expanders, wireless devices and the VW2W100 translator module is wireless via the ‘Sagittarius’ bi-directional protocol.

Key features:

  • Bi- Bi-directional communication protocol between all wireless devices
  • Self-optimising wireless amplitude and frequency
  • Automatic wireless channel hopping
  • Fully intelligent
  • High reliability and sensitivity
  • Flexible on-site device adjustment
  • Makes additions to existing systems easy and cost-effective
  • Utilises standard low-cost lithium battery technology
  • Fully monitored primary and secondary power sources.


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