Slave Sounder Base

The slave sounder base is a low-profile base sounder which is designed around a fully digital protocol.

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When used in conjunction with an associated intelligent detector the unit can be controlled via the cause and effect programming of an Axis EN compatible control panel. This output device has 32 selectable (by dip switch) tones and as a slave sounder does not need any addressing. The unit has integral DIP switches, allowing independent adjustment of both tone and volume settings. The unit’s integral detector base has easy access for loop cabling and allows for the connection of both sounder and associated detector via a single set of cable terminations. The device has three fixed volume levels ranging from 89 dB to a maximum of 94 dB.

Key Features:

  • 32 selectable tones
  • Low current, high output local sounder
  • Tone and volume set via DIP switch
  • Adjustable volume output
  • Easy central cable entry
  • Low profile design
  • 89 dB to 94 dB @ 1m


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