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Axis AU – Smoke & Damper Control Module

The AUP-543, used in conjunction with loop interface modules, provides automatic and manual control of smoke control fans and dampers.

It is a peripheral bus (PBUS/485 communications), field configurable, fan/damper control module for use with AXIS fire alarm control panels.

Each fire alarm control panel can support a maximum of sixteen (16) AUP-543 fan/damper control modules.

Each AUP-543 fan/damper control module accommodates six (6) fan and/or damper control/status. Control per fan and/or damper includes three buttons (Run – Auto – Stop / Close – Auto – Open) with white button position status LEDs.

In addition, fan and/or damper status LEDs (three) are provided for Running – Trouble – Stopped / Closed – Trouble – Opened (one red, one yellow and one green LED).

The AUP-543 Smoke Control Module is designed to mount onto specific doors or large, extended and rack enclosures.

Key Features:

  • The smoke control features comply with AS1668, ISO 7240-28, ISO 21927-9 and BS7346-8
  • Up to 2,000 fan/damper capability
  • Easy to use matrix programming with in-built configuration wizard
  • Easy slide-in label locations
  • Includes 6 fan/damper control areas
  • Communicates via Advanced Peripheral Bus
  • Up to 16 modules can be interlinked with ribbon cables
  • Functions configured using the PC TOOL
  • Also complies with UL864
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