Surface Mount Speaker

Fire versions of the popular One-Shot C 0703 speaker. It features flame-retardant housing material and PA driver to suit the new approval requirements.

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One-Shot design simply snap-fits in seconds to the surface mounting ring, reducing installation time considerably. Note: Active equalisation is required for compliance to AS ISO 7240.24 as outlined in Table 1.

Key Features

  • Designed to meet AS ISO7240.24 standard for fire & evacuation warning systems.
  • Excellent speech intelligibility.
  • High-quality speaker driver developed for BGM, paging and emergency warning applications.
  • 2-way latching system reduces installation time.
  • Fitted with 4-way wire protect terminal block for loop in, loop out wiring as required by Australian Standards.
  • Fitted with supervisory capacitor for line monitoring.
  • High impact enclosure & grille.
  • Australian designed & assembled


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