Vega Thermal Detector – V-350

Axis detectors communicate on a fully digital protocol. The analogue addressable heat detector incorporates a single, centrally positioned thermistor which supervises ambient temperature with low thermal inertia, allowing the product to achieve A1R and B classification.

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The detector employs powerful algorithms to analyse the status of the protected area whilst guaranteeing a high rejection to false and unwanted alarms. The V350 thermal detector can be configured via the control panel to be an EN54-5 A1R or EN54-5BS operating device. A unique range of Decorline finishes are available.


  • SAI Global 5 Tick Quality Scheme accredited
  • Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop
  • Auto addressing capability (by the control panel) or manually using VPU100 handheld programmer
  • Digital protocol allows quick and accurate information
  • High reliability and error detection
  • Short circuit isolators in each device to the requirements of EN54-17 (no Australian equivalent)
  • Day / night operation
  • Digital checking of double address
  • Line quality information
  • Utilises the hand-held programmer to change between rate of rise and fixed temperature modes
  • 360 visible red LED driven by the control panel
  • Magnet test feature


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