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Baldwin Boxall – VIGIL2 Voice Alarm Amplifiers BV225

Our range of Class D power amplifiers are proven and robust. Three power amplifiers are available in the range: BV225 (225 Watt), BV125D (2 x 125 Watt) and the BV050Q (4 x 50 Watt).

Key Features

  • Designed for quick and simple connection and configuration.
  • Class D rated output power is attainable using a 22V battery supply.
  • Sleep mode – automatically reducing the standby requirements to 50mA per amplifier when operating on batteries.
  • Audio inputs are presented on separate RJ45 connectors; each connector provides a balanced audio input and ground.
  • Protected against overload conditions (ie short circuits) by means of a voltage-controlled attenuator (VCA); ensuring continual safe operation without creating unnecessary distortion.
  • Over-temperature protection is also provided. Should the amplifier temperature exceed 90°C the VCA attenuates the input signal to a safe level and illuminates a warning LED. If the system is under surveillance (a requirement of BS5839-8:2008) a fault condition will be indicated due to the gain reduction.
  • 24V DC inputs are presented on two-way crimp connected sockets.