Zone Monitor Card 8 Way – MXP-536

The Programmable 8-Zone Monitor Card is an optional peripheral unit that provides eight individually programmable zone monitor circuits compliant with EN54-18: 1998 Clause 7.8. it can be used with all Axis AU series control panels.

Up to 16 cards can be connected to a multi-loop panel providing a maximum of up to 128 additional zone monitor circuits. Each zone is fully programmable using the powerful dynamic cause-and-effect rules. The unit is available as either a PCB or as a boxed power supply unit for remote mounting.

Key Features

  • 8 zone circuits – each zone is monitored for open and short circuit
  • Each zone is individually programmable with the available dynamic cause-and-effect rules
  • Up to 16 cards can be connected giving a total of 128 additional zone monitors
  • 1 relay output for reset
  • 128 zone monitor circuits per panel
  • Easily configured via Axis AU Config Tool
  • 3 year warranty as standard