Fusion Fire Systems is proud to announce the launch of VIGIL. Exclusive to Fusion Fire Systems, this innovative technology meets the new standard for Emergency Warning Systems – the first of its kind in the market for over 25 years. Incorporating full public access system capabilities, it adapts to every environment – from simple retail stores, to complex airport sites.

With consideration to the latest changes in Australian Standards, rather than upgrading an existing fire system only to have it expire within the next 2 years, Fusion Fire Systems offers you the latest in fully-accredited, quality products to last a lifetime.

VIGIL Range Brochure

Our in-house team is constantly investing in Research & Development to ensure Fusion Fire Systems continues to bring market leading products, both domestically and internationally.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our team, or download our data sheets below.

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL2 BV225 Amplifier

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL2 BV125D Amplifier

Baldwin Boxall VIIGL2 BV050Q Amplifier

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL Touchscreen Paging Station

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL2 BVRD2SLT Slave Routers

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL2 BVRD2M4 Router

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL2 BVRD2M Router

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL Remote Diagnostics

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL2 Monitoring DC Line

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL DSP Networking

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL CANBUS & other modules

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL Power Supplies

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL2 Amplifiers